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Teen quotes
Definitely going to feel this by the end of the school year. #almostthere
In addition to winning an amazing VIP experience with #sharkclub , they also gave me a shopping spree ! Thank you so much for everything you did to give my friends and I an amazing Friday night, I truly appreciate it! #blessed
More shots less bottles.
The amazing food.
Feelin’ myself.
Having too much fun in the limo.
Took my ladies (and men) out for an amazing night ! Limo ride , bubbly , food , liquor , and an undercover DJ who played the most turnt up dancehall / soca I’ve ever heard ! Glad I could take my crew out for the night , had too much fun !
Girls night out ! #sharkclub
I tried to wait till I took the picture but me was hungry . 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
Heaven ♥
My beautiful sister. 👑💍
I think I have a problem ….
Carrie, Sam & Miranda. ♥ #mygirls